How technology can work with homework in the future?

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3 min readFeb 16, 2022


E-Learning is currently the new normal. Students online often search for do my homework services. This part has been working with technology. But where does homework fit in with technology? What are the pros and cons of homework being engaged by technology?

Problems like Screen fatigue, eye strain, and growing aversion can create an interesting aspect for debate. Here is the pros and cons discussion which can become an interesting aspect.


Flexibility with the flipped classroom

Blended learning can be achieved with help of technology in association with the homework. It provides more synchronous class time where discussion to practice can be done with help of the teacher. The traditional learning model changes to cyberspace.

Time Management

Homework added with technology comes with time management. Each task comes with a deadline that the students must meet. In this case, the student looks to do my homework for me. But with the practice of using a deadline, the student eventually builds up time management skills.

Communication and Built-in Feedback

When assignments are placed as homework in Moodle, teachers can provide personalized feedback. Doing my homework services can enable the students to complete homework, but they will grow with help of the teacher’s feedback.

Focuses on Skill Development

Technology fused homework focus on the development of skill rather than gulping up theoretical study. Skill is far more important than learning the content of learning. The willingness to try something new will be developed. Students driven through tech-based homework can easily practice the skill through content mastering.


However, there are some definitive cons of fusing technology and homework. Some of the negative aspects of technology will surely seep through the practice of technology. The idea is to discuss the other side of the coin where it can enhance the development.

No limit Between School and Home

If technology makes everything available easily, the barrier between home and school will be removed. The life balance between home and school will be lost. Hence it will create a situation where none of the sides will be achieving their own value. School and home are two different entities that need to maintain distance. Failing to do so will eventually rupture the balance.

Max Homework from All

If the high amount of work will increase, students will find it harder to balance life and study. However, there is a do my homework service which can enhance the scope. But pressuring students with loads of work will affect the home–study balance of the student. Homework must be balanced to ensure that students take it as an exciting activity rather than a pressure.

App Management and Password Management

Using the app will need students extra time for understanding how it works. It is a time-consuming process that will provide the option to the student. The student also has to remember passwords which can provide them with personalized access. Hence, the entire approach is becoming too complex just to keep the student aligned with technology. Hence, the process can become time taking and technologically risky.

Technology will be Hooking Students

Students are still at a tender age where they do not have the balance between addiction and control. Technology usage has the lure of getting hooked. Do my homework service might keep students away from the hook, but some point in time will still keep the individual aligned with the hook. Hence, it can be a problem for the students.

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