How to write a distinction grade explanatory essay? Complete guide

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Students’ role as an author in an expository essay is similar to another assignment. Custom essay writing service experts suggest that it is the same as an argumentative essay but has various purposes. But the basic idea of an explanatory essay is to discuss an explanatory topic.

As custom explanatory essay writing is concerned, students can take a position on the topic and generate support to defend the position. In the upcoming section, a comprehensive guide to writing an explanatory essay will be shared.


Analyzing hundreds of best custom writing service model papers, the basic format of explanatory essay has been identified. The idea of the essay is to provide a detailed description of an object, event or person.

Explanatory essays do not need to prove or disprove or connect with any personal experience. It focuses on developing an explanation around a central idea. The main aim of the essay is to generate a new perspective on various approaches or acquire some background information.

While students work to write an essay with a custom writing service, they must ensure that proper research is done, and all information is arranged in a way that is exciting to read. It is imperative that the readers do not get bored.

Outlining Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay reflects on a short piece of writing deployed to explain or describe anything. Buying a custom essay can be helpful to get marks, but a student who is writing their own needs to know the outline.

The content of this type of writing is based on physical objects, buildings or even though there are abstract topics that are used. The aim of the essay is to explain everything logically and cohesively.

A lucid approach to writing is highly essential, creates an explanation for the readers which helps them to understand the matter of subject. It is important to maintain the structure which involves an outline for guidance. The students are recommended to complete answering all the questions which are asked by the brief file.

The approach has to be logically oriented and must be easy to read and understand. The thesis statement is an important part of essay and custom essay service writers puts a major focus on it. The thesis statement will explain the overall purpose of the essay and readers will know what to expect.

Following the thesis statement, three supporting points need to be framed. The points will directly relate to the sentences. Besides, the points will need the best-supporting information to prove the statement of the thesis.


As per custom writing essay services, the topic for an explanatory essay can vary from ‘My Dream Project’ to ‘Defining Responsibility’. However, depending on the grade of the student the complexity is expected to rise.

It is a type of essay where knowledge has to be put in context and connect the existing idea with the knowledge. Hence, it is recommended to choose a topic on which student can share their area of knowledge.

The idea of the topic can be from the comfort zone or from the major subject. For example, a programming student can write an explanatory essay on ‘My Dream Project’. Using the approach, they can easily design and explain what their dream project is through the essay. The technical parts will match with the requirement of the essays since it is their major subject.

The idea is to put together something in which students can find information and share a good amount of knowledge.

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